Many people believe that it will be hassle to remortgage to another lender. However, with a good Mortgage Broker on your side its simple! I can help you to get a better deal, potentially savings you a significant amount that can be used for holidays or savings.

When your current mortgage deal comes to an end you might be tempted to do nothing and simply move on to your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR). However, by doing so you could risk your mortgage rate more than doubling.

With average SVRs sitting at or around 4 per cent, the jump in mortgage payments at the end of your deal could mean your repayments increase by £279.34 a month, or £3,352.08 a year on average. That’s a payment shock you’ll want to avoid.

You can find just some of the great rates available at the moment below and you can speak to me about remortgaging to one of these rates.