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Your key questions answered.

Q. What are the costs of buying a house?

A. When you are purchasing a property there are several costs to be aware of. You will need to pay conveyancing (solicitor) costs, any mortgage advice costs, any lender fees and potentially stamp duty.

Q. What are the costs of remortgaging?

A. When you remortgage to another lender you will normally need to pay solicitor fees. However, many lenders provide free legal work or cashback for legal work.

Q. Should I pay a lender product fee?

A. This largely depends on your preferences. If you have the funds to pay a fee for a lender’s mortgage product and it will save you a significant amount of money, then it might be worthwhile.

Q. What fees might I have to pay if I want to sell my home?

A. If you are looking to sell your home, move home, pay your mortgage off or leave your mortgage product early you may incur early repayment charges. You would normally incur these charges if you have a fixed rate and are still tied in. We can do a detailed calculation to see if it would be beneficial for you to pay an early repayment charge.

Q. What fees do you charge?

A. I charge an advice fee of £345. £145 payable on application and £200 payable on receipt of your mortgage offer.